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We are a volume producer of Men’s and Ladies garments supplying the U.K. and European market place.

New Trend LTD -registered as a Hungarian company-started his operation from 1990-when the privatization started in Hungary- to source all types of ladies and men’s wear production for different well trained Hungarian factories. About 15 experienced people who used to work together at a state owned clothing company joined New Trend. The starting operation was similar to an agent activity a link between the manufacturers and foreign customers.

At the early 90-ies Hungarian factories had huge capacities which were sold mainly for European and US customers who placed massive volumes of CM /cut and make/ orders -through New Trend- with the mentioned factories.

By 1995 it became very clear our customers expected a different type of operation from New Trend not just serving as an “interpreter” but to act for them with full responsibility in other words the customers expected from us full responsibility for their production they place with us.

Due to this expectation we stopped working as factory agents and we became customers for our production placed by us to the factories and we sold their capacities to our clients. Experienced factory technicians joined our staff to look after our orders in the production places and to provide for the right quality.

This new operation set up resulted a growing turnover however our customers mainly in the UK demanded a closer daily local relationship with us, and this need led us to establish a ladies and a separate men’s wear company in the UK.

From 1996 exists our London office -New Trend UK – for the ladies clothing and from 2005 New Trend GB for the men’s wear operation in the UK.

As Hungary joined the EU in 2004 the Hungarian factory make prices drastically started to increase and less and less bigger manufacturers were able to survive this tendency -as many customers moved their production to cheaper countries- so year by year many factories were forced to give up their operation or to continue as much smaller units.

Seeing the mentioned problems New Trend also started to look after cheaper production sources to keep our customers with us. As the Ukraine is a neighbour country for us and the clothing industry had a long tradition there we extended our operation step by step with many Ukraine factories. We maintained our basic principle to remain independent from our factories and we did not buy any factory shares however we usually book the whole capacities of our factories and this way they operate as ours as we keep their lines busy all the time. We also have our own technicians in every factory we work with.

Our strategy is to keep the smaller orders in Hungary and the bigger volumes like over 500 pcs/style in the Ukraine units even in quality by today there is no difference between the two countries.

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